Sunday, April 24, 2016

Run # 486 April 24th

Hash #486 
When: SUNDAY 24th April 4pm
Where: Roebuck Roadhouse
What: Bus leaving TA's house (cnr Napier Tce & Bagot St, opposite Magabala Books) at 3:15pm & returning late evening with drop offs along the way... (no cost for bus)  Please RSVP for bus so we know numbers. 
Hash Nosh is a roadhouse meal $15-20 - both veg and very meaty options available.  
Pool available for a dip after the run. 
On On :)

Trash # 485


Monday, April 18, 2016

Run # 485 April 18th

Hurrah for Hare Horseplay's Hash!!! 
When: 5:45pm for FST start
Where: Surf Club carpark
What: bring torches, virgins, whatever else you think useful
Catering for Omnivores unless notified otherwise (return email or reply on FB page)
Why: why not?
On on :)

Trash # 484


Monday, April 11, 2016

Run # 484 April 11th

Happy HashDay Hashers!!!
Run details for Monday 11th April (ie today for those of you still reeling from the weekend!)
Hares: Wheelie Bin & FilldeJaw
Where: 4 Goshawk Loop 
When: 5:45pm for Faucets arrival to start...
What: think nice dogs ok, but not 100% sure... 
Getting dark early now so torches prob good idea, 
(and some vague mutterings from Slocum about a prize for Cunning Stunt by DIY on board???)
 ON ON !!!


Trash # 483


Monday, April 4, 2016

Run # 483 April 4th

Howdy Happy Hashers!

Run #483 Monday 4th April
Hares: Cunning Linguist (+/- TightArse??)
Where: 9 Whimbrel St, Roey Estate
What: No Dogs, Yes Torches, Yes Wheelie-friendly walk :)
Nosh for all sorts
On on :)

Trash # 482