Monday, March 21, 2016

Run # 481 March 21st

Hoorah Hashers!!

Run #481 Monday 21st March

Hare: Faucet & TightArse (again!) 

(NB new-to-hashers feel free to mix this up a bit & have a crack at Hare-ing - all runs are guaranteed shit so no pressure to make it good!! An experienced Hasher will gladly help you out!) 

Where: Sunset Airport Resort Bar (ie TA's house) 
opposite Magabala books, cnr Napier Tce & Bagot Rd

What: usual stuff - if this bores you feel free to use your imagination!!
Torches - if you like (prob a good idea if anyone's actually reading this - it's a Faucet run so who knows where you'll end up!!)
Dogs - if you like

on on
Inseminator :)

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