Monday, February 29, 2016

Run # 478 February 29th

Run #478

Hares: no one could be stuffed so it's a Live Run by whoever's feeling fast on the night 
Where: TA's House "Airport Sunset Resort" - Cnr Napier & Bagot St, opposite Magabala Books

What ; usual stuff - torches, dogs, virgins, anything else you think useful/useless
When: 5:45pm for a "whenever they feel like it" start 
$5 run/walk; $5 dinner; $3 drinks

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Trash # 477


Monday, February 22, 2016

Run # 477 February 22

Howdy Hashers!!
Run #477 Mon 22nd Feb
Where: from Bunnings
When: 5:45pm for FCT start
Hare: Faucet - so he may or may not be late!!

What - bring torches, dogs, virgins, anything else you think may be useful!!
$5 for run/walk, $5 for dinner, $3 drinks
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Trash # 476


Monday, February 15, 2016

Run # 476 February 15th

Hash #476

Hares: Fanta Pants & Inseminator

Where: Cable Beach carpark/grass (next to Zanders)

$5 to run/walk; $5 for dinner; $3 $......donation to a local charity to be voted in the night. Your input is welcome.

Nosh: Carnivores and Vegetarians 
Dress: RED DRESS for all human and furry friends 

Trash # 475


Monday, February 8, 2016

Run # 475 February 8th

Hares: Doggy Style & his bitch Frequent Flyer
Where: from the old fire station on Guy St (cnr Walcott St)
When: Mon 8th Feb, 5:45pm for start on Faucet's arrival (unless we have to wait for TightArse??)
$5 to run/walk; $5 for dinner; $3 drinks
Bring: torches = yes; dogs = no; off-road shoes recommended
Food for carnivores only (or BYO vegies)
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Trash # 474


Monday, February 1, 2016

Run # 474 February 1st

Run #474
Monday 1st February
Hares: Slocum and Beenflicka
Apparently getting right on with the job as GM, Slocum has made his first executive decision and is scrapping the run, but still having 3 Hash Halts and a circle....

Where: Tamami Park, Magabala Rd, South Derby (aka Broome North for the newer Broomites)

What: usual time, 6.00 start, no specific instructions, just make it up (perhaps bring torches & nice goats?)

Just in case you thought Slocum was serious, there will actually be a walk and run (and probably 3 Halts and a circle as well).

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Trash # 450


Run # 450 January 25th

Trash # 473