Monday, January 18, 2016

Run # 473 January 18th

Howdy Hashers!!

Monday 18th January
Hares: Not Getting Any & Weiner
Where: 53 Lorikeet Drive, Roey Estate
What: usual time, no specific instructions, just make it up (perhaps bring torches & nice dogs?)
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AND PS _ SAVE THE DATE_ Broome Hash Belated #450 Run and AGPU to be held on Monday 25th Jan - overnight camping and air con accom available - details to follow...

Trash # 472


Monday, January 11, 2016

Run # 472 January 11th

Howdy Hashers!!
get ready for SuperTurd's SuperRun of the year (so far) (whilst no spraypaint will be used - the spraypaint marks of three years ago may be recycled...)
Hares: SuperTurd & Inseminator
Where: 4B Ignatius Crt, Cable Beach (not heaps of parking - alternate forms of transport appreciated)
What: Torches = YES
            Spa  = YES
            Dogs = NO
            HashHalt = Maybe
HashNosh = for omnivores & herbivores
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Trash # 471


Monday, January 4, 2016

Run # 471 January 4th

First run for 2016 or first opportunity to make excuse for not exercising!
Hare: Faucet
Food: yum
Pool: bring towel
Time: 6:00 
**And a Happy New Year rev up to put some love back into what's been a quiet little Broome H3 for the past couple of months - get your lazy/busy butts down for some healthy running/walking, good nosh, great company and of course a couple of beers!! Where else would you get such great entertainment for $5+$5+$3 ???

Trash # 470