Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trash # 460

Well after lasts weeks shamozle of a trail, it was decided that DIY should have to host Hash a second week in a row.  Before the run everyone was introduced several new and exciting Hash run symbols, although judging by the looks of confusion it was lucky several weren’t used.  The run, set by Tightarse was probably the best Hash run ever.  Plenty of checks, and a few of the brilliant, but yet to be named check backs.   Beanflicka set a cracking pace and was heard several times saying with delight how much she loved getting most of the checks.  Virgin Mary was having trouble keeping up, as he was appearing to be scouting locations for his new TV show, Broome Hash Pickers, checking through various cyclone clean up piles along the way.  He found a rod holder with a built in drink holder which proved most handy at the Hash Holt in Solway Park.

As the run continued with even more checks, Torn Hole decided to impress us with her impromptu performance of superman.   Lucky the hard concrete path was there to break her fall, she really could have hurt herself.

RAing the circle was Virgin Mary, a task made harder by Beanflickas constant need to be charged.   There was a Virgin, NN Stevo, who like last weeks virgin, seemed to not have missed the stolen stone to dance around.   There were charges for returnees.  Charges for the two despondent Irish Hashers, Forcefingers and NN Stevo for being knocked out of the world cup.  Beanflicka enjoyed an icechair for her dummy spit.  Slocum had a charge for falling off his scooter, and wheelybin had one I think for his carer being on the phone through the whole circle, thus avoiding being named again.

Nosh was a fantastic dish of chicken, with added chicken, served with rice.  The dogs were left to eat the two carrots, on standby in case any vegetarians turned up.

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