Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Run # 452 August 24

run details for Monday 24th August:
Hares: Late Cummer & Chapped Lips
Where: 5 Delaware Rd, Sunset Park
What: Torches but NO DOGS (unless they're hash nosh for two large ones!!)

we're starting to run a bit short on funds, so just a friendly reminder:
                - Run is $5 (give to Hash Cash)
                - Nosh is $5 
                - Beers are $3 & soft drinks $1 (into honesty box) 
On on  :)

Trash # 451


Monday, August 17, 2015

Run # 451 August 17th

so those of you paying attention (does anyone even read these?!) might notice that we've skipped #450 but it's just been mixed up a little so that the #450 camping weekend will be on the 29th August so SAVE THE DATE & PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR ALL SORTS OF HASHY DEBAUCHERY!!!! 

anyway back to regular run stuff: 

Monday 17th August
Start: whenever Faucet gets here (ie from 5:45pm)

Hares: Doggy Style & Horseplay
Where: 6/14 Guy St
Park on Firey's verge, or childcare centre, or on Herbert - the choices are endless!!


Food for carnivores only unless otherwise indicated

Trash # 449


Monday, August 10, 2015

Run # 449 August 10th

for those of you who didn't participate in the Broome Marathon festival, this is your chance to make up for it...
(And huge congrats to those who did - Faucet, HalfArsed, Westpac, Brrrrr, NotGettingAny - you all lapped those of us on the beach, couch, boat etc!!) And downdowns for all of you, for being caught 'training'!!
So run details for Monday 10th August:
Hare: me
Where: 4b Ignatius Crt, Cable Beach (not heaps of parking here so maybe out on Solway Loop or ride your pushy?)
When: 5:45pm for (FST) Faucet Standard Time start...
What: Bring torches but not dogs please
there'll be nosh for all sorts :)
on on 
Inseminator :)


Trash # 448


Monday, August 3, 2015

Run # 448 August 3rd

Howdy Hashers!!

run details for 3rd August: 
Righto, Monday's run is from 
Unit 5 No. 7 Ord Way 
Same time as always (that's 5:45pm for Faucet o'clock start)
Will be set by HalfArsed & SuperTurd 

Will def need torches ...

This might be a good run to ride ur bike to rather than drive to boys & girls !! 
On on :)

Trash # 447