Monday, May 25, 2015

Run # 438 May 25th

> Turf club car park 5:45 for faucet start
> Trail is all off road, sorry Wheelie Bin
> Torches are a MUST
> Nosh will be available 
> Dogs welcome, horses welcome, somebody need to make sure Horseplay is restrained

Trash # 437


Monday, May 18, 2015

Run # 437 May 18th

Monday Run. Number #734 (plus or minus a few).
ADDRESS: 4b Ignatius Court (off Solway Loop)
TIME: When faucet gets here or 6pm (the later of the two)
FOOD: For carnivores (if you're vego and here, shout and I'll knock you something up)
TORCHES: Up to you
DOGS: NEGATIVE. Three here aleady and one that really likes drawing blood from other dogs. Not even if they are kept outside, I can't be bothered with the hassle, it's hash not a dog walking club.
Park out on Solway Loop as the Court is somewhat compact. Plenty of room for bikes to be gaurded by aforementioned resident dogs. Walkers trail will be fine for Wheely Bin.
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Trash #436


Run # 436 May 11th

Monday 11th May
Hares: Late Cummer & Chapped Lips
Where: 5 Delaware Rd, Sunset Park
usual stuff, dogs probably not a good idea given the size of the 2 hounds in residence. 
Meat and veggie eaters catered for. 
torches? go on then
6ish start as no Faucet to confirm time
On On!! 

Trash # 435


Monday, May 4, 2015

Run # 435 May 4th

Monday 4/5/15
Apologetic Hares - Doggy Style (downdowns to infinity for not turning up to his own run) and TightArse by default 

Location: GM's place (Cnr Napier Tce & Bagot St for those confused!)

Theme: StarWars (May the Fourth be with You)

Time: About 10 billion light years

Torches: If your light sabre is running low

Dogs: Will not be eaten...

Food: Will be stellar

On on, Lukey-Style.

Trash # 434