Monday, November 17, 2014

Run # 411 November 17th

Hares : Barge Arse and Incontinence

17th NOV 2014 18:00 (FST) Facuet standard time

142 Sanderling drive 17:45 final load and brief.

Food : YUP. Bargy is doing food

Torches .. optional , but if you face plant in the dark ... funny stacks will warrent a down-down
Dogs : fine, just don't be surprised when my neighbors dogs get jealous

THEME : Game of Throwns...... err what ?? Noooo !!!! "Game of Beers"

so dressup if yar feel like like it . (cardbord/foam swords only please)
There will be Jousting .. beer war .... juggling .. dancing
Dwarf Tossing ( unless the the cops can finally catch that pervert)

shortish run ... save your energy for the" Game of Beers" who is the most Kingly(or Queenly) drunk. To rule us all.....

Inconti ...  

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