Monday, September 22, 2014

Run # 403 September 22nd

broome hash #40......blahdy blah
date: 22/9/14
hare: the dirtiest of bitches
place: 15b hay rd, cable (look for the dirty, big, red landrover)
time: faucet time (ie 5:45 for 6pm-ish kick off)
bring: torches or you're going to have a bad time.
dogs: are rad.
nosh: will be edible.

Trash # 402


Monday, September 15, 2014

Run # 402 September 15th

Firstly, a big shout out to the awesome crew & supporters for this year's Dragon Boat team - I reckon we definitely win the prize for most distance paddled & most fun had!!!

And also here's some run details for any of you who aren't feeling like you've been run over by a truck today (oh hang on, isn't the second day worse??!! Uh ohhh.....)

Run # 402

Monday 15th Sept

Hares: Crack Diver and Quickie ( with nosh assistance from Cumma-sutra)
Where: 12 Pipit loop... Roebuck Estate
5:45pm for a Faucet start.

Torches essential as trails will be involved

Friendly dogs welcome

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(My Dragon Boat!!! Is Faster/Slower than yours.... and so on and so forth...)

Trash # 401


Monday, September 8, 2014

Run #401 September 8th

Happy Shinju Hashers!!

somehow we've missed the calling to get it on the official program so there's no Shinju Run this year, but hey, there's always the Dragon Boat Races next weekend (Sat 13th - further details to follow!) to show off our style & grace!!

So this week's just a good old regular run (though feel free to dress up in your finest!!)

Hares: Late Cummer & Chapped Lips

Where: 5 Delaware Road, Cable Beach

When: 5:45pm for Faucet's arrival

NO DOGS PLEASE (unless you fancy upsetting 140kg of Great Danes!!)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Run # 400b September 1st

(in the words of Dags).... HOW... good was last night Hashers??!!!

Thanks to Barge, Faucet, Quickie, Slocum, Gurge, Slurge and any other helpers I've missed - it was a fitting celebration of all that's good (&inappropriate!) about Broome H3!!  And thanks to the Usual Derby Suspects who made the trek from the mudflats to join us!

Given the effort that went into last night, there won't be any formal Hash Run set for tomorrow, but for anyone keen to burn off the weekend's indulgences there'll be a group meeting at 5:45pm for 6pm departure from Cable Beach general store (opposite Divers Tavern)

the Hash Trailer will be having a day off, so BYO grog and cash for dinner at the General Store if you so desire!!

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Inseminator :)


Trash # 400


Run # 400 Saturday 30th August


Trash # 399