Monday, August 11, 2014

Trash # 396

Padam and Prancing Pink Bits were bestowed the responsibility of setting the run to accompany the AGPU. Armed with just 40 rolls of pink surveyors tape they marked most trees and vertical as well as horizontal structures they could find in Roebuck Estate. Unfortunately they missed one horizontal fence wire that Complete Flop managed to take out on his race to the Hash Halt.   They also managed to out pink themselves on Jigal and split the confused pack in two and a big mob got back and started drinking early. TA ran the circle and with no Slocum to me me me there was notable confusion in the songs. There were two virgins sort of and a couple of visitors who’d seem to have ran in lots of places. Inseminator had a shot at Butler but couldn’t handle the smell of the jacket. It must have been bad considering the thing she normally slips her arm in to. Hippy Shagger got a bit angry about something and got the dummy and a few others got charged for stuff. Good word “stuff”!
Bargey ran the AGPU and  a few of the positions came down to the wire, with some only having one person trying to get out of them but alas it didn’t work so Semi still does Hashsec, Faucet, hashflash and blog, Doggy retained beer mugs and trail, despite not attending, thanks Doggy. Slowcum arrived late but had already been appointed Maestro. Bunghole Crackdiver and Quickie are fetching the Matsos ginger beer and Octopussy is still hanging on to the cash. There were heaps who put their hands up as RA’s which was nice. Thanks, Razor Tits, Bunghole, Dirty Bitch, Ringsting, Crackdiver, Hippie Shagger, Faucet, Tightarse, Virgin Mary, Padam and someone else. Phew! And the big role I hear you ask? The new GM came down to two nominations. Half Tit and Tightarse. The Roey wet shirt cheer method pulled up a draw so the crowd suggested a tit flash comp but that could have ended embarrassingly.  Final option was Paper Scissors Rock. At one stage after 4 failed attempts there was a competition to see who could punch Semi in the head first. The photo finish (left) said TA but it went back to Paper Scissors Rock and Half Tit finally lost out and became GM. Congrats to both worthy contenders. And that’s it really. There was food and stuff.

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