Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trash # 395

Ho Ho Ho. Xmas in July. If Santa’s handing out presents for being good then this run would miss out.  It only took the walkers one and a half coronas to get to the hash halt and they did the whole run. Tightarse put on the sad spoilt brat act when he turned up at the hash halt with two empty coronas to be replaced and found the esky coronaless. Fortunately disaster was abated when Quickie and Faucet replaced the ones they’d stolen earlier. The on home was out of sight but only a few metres away which saved on spillage I guess. The high tide line at Gantheaume beach was littered with Xmassy stuff and Razortits. Santa Halftit and her little helpers who looked somewhat like Bunghole Angel and Padam Elf had been toiling hard to make up for the shit run (or maybe it was their fault)!
Ringsting stepped up to run the circle in her loud brash manner. She did okay for a soft spoken, slightly comical, virgin RA but no one would tell her that. Fortunately only 17 people can’t create too much noise or mayhem but they gave it a go. There were no real virgins or returnees that I recall or maybe there was? Razor took yet another media down down as she has now taken on Cracka’s role while she has a boyfriend. She seemed happy happy  happy  with the down down. I forget the charges but if there were any of note then someone can add them in the comments column. There was a fire and 3 ice chairs for TA (can’t remember why) Director who after nearly 8 years finally made it to 100 runs (well done!) and Flogga who is running away from us to run something somewhere else (fuck off then). They were sung a lovely medley of three appropriate songs which almost had a xmas carolly feel about them but not the sort you’d sing in Church.
There were no holes barred on the food. So much tucker that everyone left the night looking a little more like Santa than what they’d come. And everyone took home a little prezzie that contained more rum than balls but made a good breakie next day. Oh oh (that’s not a typo) there was also copius amounts of  Fanta Pants’s Glühwein to warm the cockles. And so many people missed out. OnOn

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