Monday, August 4, 2014

Run # 396 August 4th

Hares: Padam & Pink Bits
Where: 80 Sandpiper Rd, Roey Estate

What: Run followed by the usual shenanigans plus the AGPU

speaking of which....

Current Mismanagement team are:-
Trail master and Hash Mugs = Doggy Style
Hash Cash= Octopussy,
Hash Sec = Inseminator, Nutcracker and Flogger,
Hash flash = Faucet and Quickie
Choir Master = Slocum
Hash Piss = Back Page and Crack Diver
RA's = CIAF, TA, Slocum, Scrotum Tennis, Fanta Pants, Dirty Sanchez,
Hash Blog = Faucet and Quickie,
GM = BargeArse.

As you can see most have left town and at least Semi and Barge are not resitting in current positions (Semi doesn't mind either way but happy to hand it over if someone else wants to fill inboxes with crap!) so lots of positions to fill. Have a think about what you would like to contribute to H3.
On on Barge

And if you know of anyone who's life is somewhat incomplete by not being on this mailing list, please forward this message on to them & ask them to reply to me!!

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