Monday, July 28, 2014

Run # 395 July 28th

Happy Half-way to Christmas, Hashers!!!

Hare: Half Tit
 Hash run Monday 28th
 Theme: Christmas in July
 (I still don't actually know why we celebrate this... But I'm guessing it's juz another excuse for us Aussies to get on the piss)
 Attire: Anything Christmas
 Venue: Gantheume Point Beach, I'll park up close to the bottom of driveway on beach to allow for short walk from racecourse carpark if you're unable to drive onto beach
Tucker: Christmas feast
 Torches: most defiantly (no street lights in sight out there)
 Dogs: yep, must partially adhere to dress code
 Time: come down for a couple of early post work bevies and enjoy the sunset with me from 5pm, or usual time 5.45 for 6pm run.
 Cost: 5 bucks run, 15 bucks run and dinner (u will not go home hungry, trust me on this)
 Jolly excited to see all you hashers all tinseled up :-D
 On on, Half Tit

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