Monday, June 16, 2014

Trash # 388

Hares Hippy Shagger and NN Anne added to the marks already on Anne St and sent us running in circles and ending up the “Yamashitta Stolen Bike Memorial Shed” on Demco foreshore. We all arrived on time as someone added an extra fishhook with 13 lines on it just before the halt. The beer arrived on time for a change but Hippy nearly took out Yama’s shed with the ladder that was still attached to the roof of his ute. The run back was no better than the run there. The circle was out on the street as that’s how you do it in Anne St. We had a few pretty lights and a reasonable turnout. Faucet was RA. The hares copped some flack as did the returnees who had pretty lame excuses. Fanta, Slowcum, Late Cummer, Chapped Lipsdd and Bicurious George to name a few. A specialy crafted block of ice was brought out and in order to gain control of the circle Faucet offered it up to the next person to start talking. Razor Tits couldn’t help herself and so took a seat. Ironically we were to find out later that she had not disclosed the fact that this was her 50th Run. So congrats Razor and lucky you got a bit of ice. 
We had 3 virgins of which one was a bit apprehensive about the RA and what was going to happen but despite her worst fears, nothing did except a semi-lousy dance and a virgin tune. The charges were pretty ordinary but we did have2 namings with Pussilla and Throbbing Hood getting a chilly beer baptism.
Hippy Shagger finished the circle with his attempt to finally get Broome Hash its own song. Like many others it showed promise but we’ll see where it goes. The hash nosh looked like a massive worm mountain on top of the Barbie plate but pleasantly edible. And that was it really. On.

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