Monday, June 9, 2014

Trash # 387

Best. Hash. Ever. Says Dirty Sanchez of Hare's RazorTit, ThumbWank & VirginMary's - no moon, tea tree smelling, sandy tracked, mostly unmarked & possibly trespassing in gun country - run. Finding the start of the run was a win in itself. Or maybe not. Razor escorted the runners on a loose run around the back traps of lulfitz / the tip. New to the area and setting runs (?), she gave up early on finding her own ribbons & relied on faint postie bike tracks. At the point where the postie bike keeled over & Razor admitted to being lost, Mary took over, leading the small group of @6 runners who knows where. Post hash halt, the scribe walked; preferring the safety of a mud map exit from the plains. Walkers got home in record time, some choosing to head out for a second lap.
So, Best. Run. Ever. Maybe he's referring to the post run circle. Tightly led by - wait for it - TightArse, the circle was a rollicking, gut clenching affair. Nutcracker extreme butlered (cup of tea, anyone?), providing endless gems of entertainment.
Downs downs (thanks to our local CrackDiver Coke rep & creaming soda sponsor) were aplenty - returnees, hashers stabbing other hashers, a small group with a long list of charges. Ice seats were three. Namings. Finally TGWAH, NN Gav got named - Complete Flop (or Playdo if you're Nutcracker & prefer names without negative connotations). NN Blackie was also pinned down and named - Wank's Away - we'll have forgotten it by the time we see him again.
Nosh was awesome, ThumbWank cooking pasta enough to feed all the med students we don't have anymore. On on.

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