Sunday, June 1, 2014

Run # 384.5 May 17th


So lots of you might be heading out to Willare next Saturday (17th May) for the Rock The Bridge Concert, in which case you may want to join the Derby Hash for their 'run' (as they like to call it!) from Willare Roadhouse at 3pm Saturday afternoon as a superfun warmup for dancing the night away!  

The Derby Hash crew were hoping we'd be Hares this year, except they forgot to tell us until this week, so if anyone has a spare bit of enthusiasm to help set the run I'm sure they'd be thrilled (reckon it'd take 20min and at least a sixpack to set it!)

here's a summary of last year's version to refresh your memories :)

 ...cast your minds back to last year we had a joint hash run at Willare Roadhouse the afternoon of the Willare Rock outdoor concert. The run started at 3pm reckon there must’ve been at least 15 or so Broome Hashers about the same for us I reckon. Derby H3 set the run through the flood channels of the Fitzroy Delta, it was an amazingly great run , carefully calculated , Plenty of trail , almost avoided all crocodiles and the hare was voted by all as a great bloke. I wont keep you in suspense any longer, I ‘Dags’ set the run OK co hared by The Wolf. We had a massive drinkstop and sang dirty ditties until the piss ran out and went back and ran a very drunken circle (could have been the shooters) led by Yamashitta Suckerfish. That night we all headed to the bands and danced all night,  It was a top afternoon / night and everyone said we had to do it next year. Derby H3 set the run and put on all the piss last year, Broome h3 ran the circle. The idea was to swap the jobs this year , Broome H3 to set the run and put the piss on (not them hot kegs from the BH3 350th though).

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