Monday, May 5, 2014

Trash # 380

Hares Force-it & returnee Bubbles set a curly run thru old Broome. The marks were strange (Knx HHH influence?), flour rationed to a light dust & the hardly used nowadays on backs went over cross roads for far longer than hashers have seen for awhile. A classic run incorporating the mangrove hill, footy oval, and the cemetery (ooooohhhooooo). There may or may not have been a hash holt. I on homed from D'Antoine after 8kms solid running & was still the first one back (w Thumbwank).

Latecomer ran a tight circle around the pool in a stinky pink frock.

Spec, Cherry Popper & Herpes vanished quickly post run. Other returnees: Uranus (been nowhere), Director (might be living in Asia) & asbestos girl who came w Long Weight (I think I got that name wrong) stayed for the long haul.

Charges: NN Sam is back on the chippie boy kissing wagon, butting heads with Mormons in the night.

Backpage got a going away gift of an ice chair & NN Virgin tattoo'd Nick / Rick lap dancing shirtless. There's the hash budget blown for the year. And he didn't even grow the requisite fluff. Hopeless Shag wld be shaking his beard in Darwin.

Rapey got her back up shoop shoop group singing her anthem 'don't touch me there'. Never seen or heard (Slocum?!) anything quite like it. Ironically, I don't think any of the back up group have any concept of personal space (Anal & Bunghole).

FantaPants wore her shirt backwards & Nutcracker followed some random joggers. Razor Tits used many many real names.

Hash nosh good, ran out, prioritised the vegos.

Forgot the down down for dirty mugs with ants Doggy, SuperSperm & Bunghole.

On on

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