Monday, May 12, 2014

Run # 384 May 12th

Hey you hash mob, just in case you haven't heard, this week's run is a pink run!

It's a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in conjunction with the Mother's Day Classic fun run.

The run fee this week is $10 for the run (all goes to NBCF) and $5 for the food.
Hares are Octopussy, Flogga and No Name Gemma.
The address is 7a Stainton Place (yes again)
usual time, don't forget torches
and most importantly don't forget to wear pink!!!

On on, Octo 

Trash # 383

So the GM set a run with her signature B markings. The new people usually think the B stands for Barge but after the run they all know it means bitch. Poor Spec even need crutches the next day as he’d ran the whole 400km really fast. Covering only two suburbs we ran down just about every street and towards the end we missed a check (which was supposedly on the road) and ended up running the middle part of the run a second time. Group decision. On home.  Faucet lead the circle which was pretty easy as everyone was worn out and compliant. Hey maybe that’s why Bargey sets such long runs. Mmmm. Slowcum said the run was good so we dragged him out with Barge. There were no virgins but a few returnees. Stork and Detox were back after a long absence and Ringsting, Half Tit and Supersperm had lame excuses. Charges were pretty light. Paralytic Turtle and Octopussy were out of uniform. Doggie finally got his shit together and brought along the engraved mugs for those hard runners who’d reached 50 runs. Fanta Pants, Crackdiver, Slowcum and Slurge were the only cuppee’s there so we sang them a  song as they used their new cups. I have no idea what Ringsting is doing in this photo. The food was umm, Minestrone soup? and jacket potatoes in copious amounts. Everyone was tired. Thanks Barge!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Run # 383 May 5th

Hare Barge
Venue 7 Mackie Place, Cable Bch
Bring Dosh for Back Page pressie & card please (don't send this to BP :) )

Barge x

Trash # 382

I can’t remember anything about the run.

Run #
You always know the food’s going to be good at an Octo run. Thank the Hash Lords because the run was shit. The trail petered out somewhere around Wakayama and the GM took over, leading the straggling pack into an unlit muddy drain. Luckily, we all read the clearly emailed instructions and brought our torches*. Team Crack Diver and Team Topless were separated by suburbs but joined by technology; leading us to the hash halt at the cemetery.

* We didn’t bring our torches.
Drinks were lazily consumed, hashers sat down on benches and grass, and Nutcracker’s stretching was captured for prosperity on hash flash. Why a walker needs to stretch remains unclear. Eventually we were herded back into the run, many choosing to run their own direct On Home.

CrackDiver ran as tight a circle as he could, with the help of enforcers and a Rapey butler.

Virgin NN Steph busted out some moves, Rapey did some things that probably shouldn’t be written down.

Hash charges were … vague. Hash namings were challenging. Bi-curious George finally got a look in; however his partner in passion, NN Sam** (who really likes watching football) missed out. NN Gavin remains un-nameable.

** Nivea or Olay (you work it out)

There were three ice chairs – a dummy spit for Razor Tit, Nutcracker for stretching and …

The blog is too late for a fundraiser reminder for SparkleMotion. The Pink Run is on next week. Faucet talked about something in two years time (time speeds up when you get old).

On on.

Trash # 381

The Easter Hash had a surprisingly good turnout for a long weekend. Maybe it was because the hares were Nutcracker and Dirty Sanchez and they promised something different. And different it was. After being allocated a team and sent scrambling in the grass for different coloured Easter Eggs we set of on a search mission to solve the mystery question. Each group had a different cryptic clue. Not that I want to blow my own trumpet, or even the hash one for that matter but our group killed it. Each group went to the same locations but in a different order and with no set route to follow. At each location they had to perform a task before they got their next cryptic clue. Our first stop was the bowling club aka the wireless station. Once there we had to eat a Sao biscuit and then whistle a song. Sounds easy? No. Then off to the SES to make and fly a paper plane and then to Matsos to pick up an Easter egg off a mat on the ground and eat it without using your hands. Apparently a Matsos patron asked what we were doing and was told it was some Easter Muslim tradition for when you don’t know which way mecca is. Funny how mecca is not auto corrected to Mecca. Mmmm.
Anyway our group had a short sweet run and one of the other groups rocked up back at the circle a stubby later. The last group somehow divided and Flogga and Bunghole had to be rescued after running several kilometres to the wrong places. They rocked up weary and mumbling about Tightarse giving them a bum steer. But the games weren’t over yet. We had to do the egg throw and hey, killed that to with no name Angela and only at the end discovered we been playing with a real egg and not one of the hard boiled ones.
TA ran the circle. The hares were compliant. Slowcum was on his best behaviour as he had his Dad there. Eighty five and only his second hash run! Bunghole was non-compliant and ended up in the Butlers jacket which strangely suited her. Two Scoops told a story which showed how strong her relationship with Dirty is and won’t be repeated in print. Not many charges as the usual young chargees hadn’t shown, due to probably being wiped out after a four day weekend.
Nutcracker had killed a hundred chickens and we spent the rest of the night eating their legs and gave the left overs to some of the homeless people at town beach. That’s it.