Monday, April 14, 2014

Trash # 379

How do you write about a legend when you actually are the legend? Unfortunately legend status really only kicks in when someone is dead or stops doing what they are doing and I guess that means I’m just another blog writer who is legendary for his witty posts and precision timing. No. Still not dead. I was wondering how many people have died since run # 379 and the time this post is published. You are wondering too. Aren’t you? Well I looked it up on the world population clock and it’s only about 3.9 million so hey, stuff all and probably none of them even read the hash blog anyway.
So it was Faucets 250th Run with Broome Hash. In an effort to make his mind work overtime the theme of wear something silver was assigned to the run. Considering the dodgy theme for his 200th run he was right to be suspicious and just as he didn’t expect, everyone turned up silverish. Fuck off auto correct, I don’t want silverfish. Some people even went to some effort, which was touching. Faucet opted for plan E, tinfoil, as all the other options failed. The hares were Bunghole, Super Sperm and Doggy Style which makes the apprehension more obvious. They set the run in silver which I had to admit was pretty creative and a real bonus if you have a powerful torch and are running in the wet season humidity in silver foil. Unfortunately, despite the torch and the shiny checks, Faucet, Chapped Lips, Late Cummer and Tightarse lost the pack and found themselves on the corner of Anne and Herbert alone. Following a brief discussion it was decided that going down Anne St. in the dark dressed as a fireman or wrapped in alfoil would probably not be the wisest choice so we opted for plan B and went back to the eskies and sat down and drank beer until the other stragglers rocked up.
Considering Tightarse was the most silver person at the circle and we had no real time limit he was nominated RA. Faucets disappointment of missing the Hash Halt quickly disappeared when he was given a lovely mobile silver chair and a hand crafted faucet hat. He also got some nice cold ice to go with the chair. The hare triplets got their song and then a lonely virgin was dragged up to the rock. Considering Ringsting had brought her along we decided she could share the entertainment. She looked like was dressed up to perform anyway. There were the usual bunch of nonsenseical charges and one of the no names got a nice ice chair next to Faucet. A few returnees including Celine who turns up occasionally but without Urinal singing his song it just doesn’t seem right. Where is Urinal these days?  There was a great naming with the boy in the boggie board bag getting named Schapelle. The food was cooked by med students in student accommodation so no need to say more. There were two special homemade chocolate cakes with 250 written on them which were a lovely touch and brought a tear to my eye. And I ate my share and a couple of other peoples share too. And then suddenly it was all over.

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