Monday, April 7, 2014

Trash # 378

Chapped Lips and Late Cuma proved you don’t have young to set a shit run. In fact they also added a shit smell to their run with a camel inclusive hash halt. The run started in fancy Sunset Rise, through the bush to Broome North and then via some bush tracks back to the camel yards on Lulfitz. On a hot steamy night the beer was welcome but could have done without the waft of passing camel train. A bit of a run home but more cold beer was calling. The walkers somehow just appeared in time to drink the beer on both occasions. The circle was squeezed into a narrow skinny breezeless rectangle of hot sweaty bodies which no-one seemed to mind about. Half Tit put her hand up for the RA job and seemed to relish it. The hares went first as is tradition and it was one of those nights where downing your beer or pouring it on your head made no real difference. Even the enforcers were pretty ineffective. There was a nice mix of charges, a couple of virgins, a three headed butler, some media, a few returnees who got to drink out of Hippy Shaggers lap as he sat on an ice chair and a naming. Although a few came up for naming only Rapey got christened. Some sort of Reiki mispronunciation I believe.
The food was shit too. A couple of big pots of curry and rice forced down by chatty hashers in flash surroundings. What a crap way to spend a Monday night. On On til next On.

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