Friday, March 28, 2014

Trash # 377

Hash demolition derby was introduced with a bang (see what I did there?) Monday night. Nutcracker was declared the winner, taking home Bunghole & Longbit as first prize. Faucet got his old age on in the trailer w/chair & TightArse threw up walking to the hash holt (reappearing for the circle, pizza & beer, little hash trooper he is).
Hares NN Gav (TGWAH, silent 'g'?) & RingSting set a calf burning well marked trail through Minyirr, the dunes & Cable Beach. A fishhook at the top of a dune proved once again the camaraderie of hash, sending 9 runners to the back of the pack, even though there were only 7 hooks. NN's Sam & Owen appeared to be leading this love in (following the pink arrows & ribbons almost fanatically). Later they linked biceps, including Tinderboy SuperSperm, & drank it ... down down down down ...
Segway: a good time to point out the chippies are taking over hash, bringing with them SnapChat Tindertainment & a poor dress code. On a more positive note, let's build that hash clubhouse / brothel we've always wanted.
Charges were varied, DirtyBitch & NN LP (who seemed to have a few special talents she was keen to show off) reenacted Dirty Dancing without injury, little Timmy was back as butler, & CrackDiver ran the ultra smooth circle. Again, Topless was on ice chair because she wanted to watch shooting stars.
Bargy had a media charge for 'dropping it like its hot' at the mangrove.
Namings were two: Whanker Man & PowerBall, but strangely Whanker Man is the one outa here. Not sure why. If I were him, I'd stay & never have had to buy a beer again, revelling in weekly multiple media down downs.
Nosh: the vego did vego.
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