Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trash # 376 St. Paddys

To be sure, to be sure, to be sure, I’ll say it three times so this blog sounds kind of Irish as of course it was St Patricks Day. Unfortunately Paddy couldn’t make it because he died in 461A.D. but we had people with similar names and lots of people in green clothes so it was just as good anyway. The wee lassies, or is that Scottish or maybe I should say the tree girls, Kama Sutra, Ringsting and N.N.Niomi (and I’m sure N.N. Blacky was flitting around somewhere in a green tutu) set a run that even St Paddy would have thought was shit. Through the streets of Roey and on to a park in Broome North where we got to get into the sack. In a literal sense. In what were said to be potata sacks we had short races to the other end, down a tiny Guinness and then back and swap over the sack. Our team one of course which meant nothing. It looks like Supersperm’s sack was hanging a bit low in the photo. Enough said. Then we ran back to Karma Sutra Central for the circle. We had the house Crack as RA and as the photos show a couple of the hares put in a good effort while the other one tried to wash the baby. There were a few returnees amongst the crowd of nearly forty and I think tree virgins. Which reminds me of a joke. Why wasn’t Jesus born in Ireland? Because they couldn’t find 3 wise men and a virgin. Young Slurge got to drink out of another new set of shoes. I guess that happens if your feet keep growing. Dirty Sanchez got an ice chair for sharing his real name with St. Paddy and Faucet and Late Cuma got sung Happy Birthday. Not sure what that furry head thing is about? Once again I can’t remember the charges but feel free to add them in the comments should you feel the need. I would like to say the Irish stew was shit but as I got caught standing around chatting I missed out on it and can’t comment. The potata’s were good and the green cup cake thingy’s went fast or that might have been because TA snaffled the last few. But I saw his stash and helped myself. My fingers getting sore. On on

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