Monday, March 17, 2014

Trash # 375

Set a run in a car park by the beach and then run on the beach. How fucking novel. It took the combined genius or is that genii of Virgin Mary, Hippy Shagger and Razortits to create such a shit run. Auto correct wants me to change this to “a shit runs” or “shits run” but hey I’m sticking to my grammar. The hash halt on the back of Hippy’s ute was good but. (I’m sure that’s something he’d say). A few hundred metres down the 23rd best beach of the year, watch the sunset, down a beer and run back again via the old camel track and the camp school.
The lovely Dirty Bitch was up for RAing and soon had the largish crowd in some sort of semi quiet order. The hares accepted the lack of critique as a good sign and downed their beers. There was one virgin who came along after a recommendation of Barge and as she was called up to centre circle it happened. Yes, a Hash first, Barge knocked over the Virgin stone from Machu Pichu and broke it. Not irreparably but definitely a few shards lighter. Obviously an ice chair charge for the GM. And she will now probably never get pregnant and some random backpacker who finds one of the shards will be taking home a souvenir that will give her way more than she expected. There were some random charges for things young people normally do on weekends and probably deserved applause not a down down but hey, its hash. Dirty Bitch was keen to name a few new hashers and there was plenty to pick from. She ended up naming Spawnstar, Bunghole, Two Stoke and Miley Cirus. There were obviously good reasons for such well thought out names.
The food matched the run. Shit on a BBQ. And salad and buns and was there cup cakes or some sort of sweetie thing? I can’t remember and you don’t care. On On!

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