Monday, March 10, 2014

Trash # 374

Halfarse & SuperTurd set an above average run through the burbs, along port road and - meanly - up one of Broome's two hills, to a hash halt at the golf club. Hash, being all about learning & bettering oneself in the secure company of other lunatics, proved itself once again with the following gems:
If Faucet goes to Derby HHH, Broome HHH starts late;
NN Lyn learnt the golf club hill has a false top (insert sad face);
TA learnt after running up the golf hill, most hashers want cold water not beer (insert confused face);
A live hare, new moon, & bush are not conducive to following a trail;
NN tall guy in a hat & Razortit disappeared, not sure what they learnt;
Dirty Bitch learnt that a backyard light sensor is usually near the backyard light, and dancing around the front yard - no matter how enthusiastically - won't work;
SuperTurd learnt being away from Hash for months = a long ice chair;
Likewise Doggy learnt that fleeing town for a bday ending in '0' = a long ice chair;
Topless learnt the joy & camaraderie of morally supporting fellow hashers in ice chairs;
We all learnt that CrackDiver is great with kids, passing the obscure & slightly dodgy parenting challenge 'name a small child an inappropriate hash name' and make her skol a down down*;
DCP learnt she can't tell anyone her new name or she'll have to move away;
The boys can cook!! Great and plentiful curry nosh!

* said down down was soft drink #dontsuehash

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