Monday, March 31, 2014

Run # 378 March 31

Hares: Late Cummer & Chapped Lips

Usual instructions for the run no????????? 31st March.

No5 Delaware Rd, Cable Beach - torches may be useful, meat and vegos catered for, probably better not to bring dogs, you know what our 2 look like and things could get messy!!! 5.45 for a start 6 (Faucet o'clock)

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Trash # 377

Hash demolition derby was introduced with a bang (see what I did there?) Monday night. Nutcracker was declared the winner, taking home Bunghole & Longbit as first prize. Faucet got his old age on in the trailer w/chair & TightArse threw up walking to the hash holt (reappearing for the circle, pizza & beer, little hash trooper he is).
Hares NN Gav (TGWAH, silent 'g'?) & RingSting set a calf burning well marked trail through Minyirr, the dunes & Cable Beach. A fishhook at the top of a dune proved once again the camaraderie of hash, sending 9 runners to the back of the pack, even though there were only 7 hooks. NN's Sam & Owen appeared to be leading this love in (following the pink arrows & ribbons almost fanatically). Later they linked biceps, including Tinderboy SuperSperm, & drank it ... down down down down ...
Segway: a good time to point out the chippies are taking over hash, bringing with them SnapChat Tindertainment & a poor dress code. On a more positive note, let's build that hash clubhouse / brothel we've always wanted.
Charges were varied, DirtyBitch & NN LP (who seemed to have a few special talents she was keen to show off) reenacted Dirty Dancing without injury, little Timmy was back as butler, & CrackDiver ran the ultra smooth circle. Again, Topless was on ice chair because she wanted to watch shooting stars.
Bargy had a media charge for 'dropping it like its hot' at the mangrove.
Namings were two: Whanker Man & PowerBall, but strangely Whanker Man is the one outa here. Not sure why. If I were him, I'd stay & never have had to buy a beer again, revelling in weekly multiple media down downs.
Nosh: the vego did vego.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Run # 377 March 24

Hare: NN Gavin (a virgin hare going solo so it's sure to be a shit run - any offers to help??
Where: Solway Park, off Demarchi Rd. Limited parking so riding is encouraged. Ride whatever you like.
Must bring a torch or will get lost (note to NN Gavin nobody reads these emails anyway so instructions are futile...)
Food - sounds like there mightn't be any - he has a kitchen but no chef at the moment - again offers welcome....

(I'd offer but will be Top End Hashing in Darwin - sorry! But let me or NN Gavin know if you can help with food!)

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trash # 376 St. Paddys

To be sure, to be sure, to be sure, I’ll say it three times so this blog sounds kind of Irish as of course it was St Patricks Day. Unfortunately Paddy couldn’t make it because he died in 461A.D. but we had people with similar names and lots of people in green clothes so it was just as good anyway. The wee lassies, or is that Scottish or maybe I should say the tree girls, Kama Sutra, Ringsting and N.N.Niomi (and I’m sure N.N. Blacky was flitting around somewhere in a green tutu) set a run that even St Paddy would have thought was shit. Through the streets of Roey and on to a park in Broome North where we got to get into the sack. In a literal sense. In what were said to be potata sacks we had short races to the other end, down a tiny Guinness and then back and swap over the sack. Our team one of course which meant nothing. It looks like Supersperm’s sack was hanging a bit low in the photo. Enough said. Then we ran back to Karma Sutra Central for the circle. We had the house Crack as RA and as the photos show a couple of the hares put in a good effort while the other one tried to wash the baby. There were a few returnees amongst the crowd of nearly forty and I think tree virgins. Which reminds me of a joke. Why wasn’t Jesus born in Ireland? Because they couldn’t find 3 wise men and a virgin. Young Slurge got to drink out of another new set of shoes. I guess that happens if your feet keep growing. Dirty Sanchez got an ice chair for sharing his real name with St. Paddy and Faucet and Late Cuma got sung Happy Birthday. Not sure what that furry head thing is about? Once again I can’t remember the charges but feel free to add them in the comments should you feel the need. I would like to say the Irish stew was shit but as I got caught standing around chatting I missed out on it and can’t comment. The potata’s were good and the green cup cake thingy’s went fast or that might have been because TA snaffled the last few. But I saw his stash and helped myself. My fingers getting sore. On on

Monday, March 17, 2014

Run # 376 March 17th St. Paddy's Day

You'll need the luck of the Irish to translate this one but if you can work it out, it's sure to be sure to be a good run!!

Hares: Kumasutra, RingSting, NoNameNiomi

Where: 12 Pipit Loop, Roey Estate

Time & Torch: ter be shore tar beh shorr

Nosh: wheil, with 3 vego's in the kitchen anything could happen! Guinness counts as a whole roast meal doesn't it!?

Cash: same same $5 n $5

On feckin on!

Trash # 375

Set a run in a car park by the beach and then run on the beach. How fucking novel. It took the combined genius or is that genii of Virgin Mary, Hippy Shagger and Razortits to create such a shit run. Auto correct wants me to change this to “a shit runs” or “shits run” but hey I’m sticking to my grammar. The hash halt on the back of Hippy’s ute was good but. (I’m sure that’s something he’d say). A few hundred metres down the 23rd best beach of the year, watch the sunset, down a beer and run back again via the old camel track and the camp school.
The lovely Dirty Bitch was up for RAing and soon had the largish crowd in some sort of semi quiet order. The hares accepted the lack of critique as a good sign and downed their beers. There was one virgin who came along after a recommendation of Barge and as she was called up to centre circle it happened. Yes, a Hash first, Barge knocked over the Virgin stone from Machu Pichu and broke it. Not irreparably but definitely a few shards lighter. Obviously an ice chair charge for the GM. And she will now probably never get pregnant and some random backpacker who finds one of the shards will be taking home a souvenir that will give her way more than she expected. There were some random charges for things young people normally do on weekends and probably deserved applause not a down down but hey, its hash. Dirty Bitch was keen to name a few new hashers and there was plenty to pick from. She ended up naming Spawnstar, Bunghole, Two Stoke and Miley Cirus. There were obviously good reasons for such well thought out names.
The food matched the run. Shit on a BBQ. And salad and buns and was there cup cakes or some sort of sweetie thing? I can’t remember and you don’t care. On On!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Trash # 374

Halfarse & SuperTurd set an above average run through the burbs, along port road and - meanly - up one of Broome's two hills, to a hash halt at the golf club. Hash, being all about learning & bettering oneself in the secure company of other lunatics, proved itself once again with the following gems:
If Faucet goes to Derby HHH, Broome HHH starts late;
NN Lyn learnt the golf club hill has a false top (insert sad face);
TA learnt after running up the golf hill, most hashers want cold water not beer (insert confused face);
A live hare, new moon, & bush are not conducive to following a trail;
NN tall guy in a hat & Razortit disappeared, not sure what they learnt;
Dirty Bitch learnt that a backyard light sensor is usually near the backyard light, and dancing around the front yard - no matter how enthusiastically - won't work;
SuperTurd learnt being away from Hash for months = a long ice chair;
Likewise Doggy learnt that fleeing town for a bday ending in '0' = a long ice chair;
Topless learnt the joy & camaraderie of morally supporting fellow hashers in ice chairs;
We all learnt that CrackDiver is great with kids, passing the obscure & slightly dodgy parenting challenge 'name a small child an inappropriate hash name' and make her skol a down down*;
DCP learnt she can't tell anyone her new name or she'll have to move away;
The boys can cook!! Great and plentiful curry nosh!

* said down down was soft drink #dontsuehash

On on

Run # 375 March 10th

Run ‪#‎something‬ (for anyone who cares, it's actually #375)Hares: Virgin Mary, Hippy Shagger & Razortits
Where: Surf Life Saving Carpark~ Cable Beach
Bring: torch !!!! no lemming like running like last week.
Nosh: Bulk food for meat lovers and vegos alike.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Run # 374 March 3rd

Happy Long Weekend Hashers!! (what are we celebrating anyway besides life just being great?)

So we can all take a leaf out of HalfArsed's book and get run details into me early (thanks!!) but that doesn't guarantee I'll pass them on any earlier!!

So anyway here's the rundown... cut and pasted directly from HA himself, so interpret 'touches' and 'normal food' as you wish...

>Mondays run is from my place unit 5 no. 7 Ord Way.
>Normal time & food. Touches !!
>And can bring a towel & swimmers if u want to have a dip.

>Cheers half arsed