Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trash # 373

TA was RA so I don't remember too much of the circle due to lack of availability of time travel. I'll have a go and make up what I don't remember.
Hares were Incontinence - I think he prefers Fucking Incontinence - and Faucet (does anyone even realise that Faucet = Force It?) set a pretty tame run through old Broome. To liven things up there was a surprise hash holt at Tight Arse's, surprise of course, to everyone including the hares, but not to TA.
The run was standard, lots of checks and on backs, plus four fish hooks. Ring Sting was very excited about the fish hooks. Some people got all the fish hooks and weren't too happy about it. They also had to do 30 push ups for Game of Life. F*(&ing Back Door. If anyone can get Back Door at GOL Quickie will give you $50.
The group stayed together which was nice. Walkers strolled around somewhere - I don't really know what they do, the walkers. Sometimes I think they just gather with their dogs, drink cocktails and talk about how stupid the runners are. Speaking of stupid, Dirty ran in a cast, holding his left arm aloft after another hash boating incident. That's three in the last month and not a fish or crab to show for it ... where is Stationery Crab? And Paralytic Turtle?
On on back to Force It's. The circle first up brought out the people not in the paper for the red dress run, surprisingly - given the full page article - there was @12. I think there was one more, but I don't like odd numbers and can't write it down as an odd number so we'll just call it 12. That'll test who reads the blog. Psycho's.
Virgins - there was one tall guy with a six pack without a shirt who danced around the inca stone. He was pretty good. In the photo's there were more people, but I don't remember any of them ... Yawn was yelling in my ear something about getting knickers off someone. The tall guy didn't have a shirt on. He had a six pack. He danced ok ... I think he was from Adelaide because on the run he had a Crow's shirt on, but then he took it off and he had a six pack. No shirt. Six pack. Tall. NO SHIRT. SIX PACK. Oh that reminds me, Backpage is back next week. He might be able to grow a beard before then.
Drug Hooker was on an ice chair. I actually can't remember why, but she's cute and brought two virgins.
Umm .. then there were charges. It got confusing. People fell in the pool.
Anal was butler, with a very happy Slocum; then Chapped Lips and Scrotum Tennis. And then Back Door, actually I think he was around the time of Anal which makes sense.
Hopeless Shag ... is still here incognito with his shaven face. He says he'll be off to Darwin tomorrow, but I reckon if we're all happy to chuck in we can keep him around. We could sponsor him as our little hash mascot. Anal, Back Door, Scrotum Tennis, Super Sperm, Dirty Sanchez & Force It ... we all want him to stay, yeah? We can keep him in the cellar. I'm pretty sure he lives on beer anyway.
I can't think of anything else. TA gave himself a few down downs. As you do. Quickie yelled at some people for not recycling, as usual. And promised to demonstrate the awkward turtle, confused palm trees and awkward sex when next drunk.
The pool was wet. The nosh was good. The camera card is full and Lord knows the incriminating stuff hash flash has on it.
On on til next week.

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Tilly Millican said...

Six pack. Six pack. Six pack. mention it again? Six pack. Allot emphasis there self re-named force-it.