Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trash # 372

Two Scoops, Half Tit and Dirty Bitch al la Café D’Amore. Sounds exciting but was shit. Everyone turned up without a reservation and the place was overflowing. A flower encrusted Dirty Bitch said she just laid the trail in flour but the reality was there were lines and blotches and splats and humps of flour all the way to the Yamashitta Suckerfish Stolen Bike Memorial Shelter in Demco. Supposedly a Hash Halt but no beer???? We waited a while then took off to find Half Tit screaming down the road with the esky in her car. Sort of Déjà vu ish but we stopped on the side of the road for a quickie and then headed off.  The flour trial was a little dodgy on the second half but most of us ended up at the on home which was the furtherest point from the start. I’m sure Dirty Bitch was having a bit of a chuckle when she marked the on home. Local knowledge allowed some people to shortcut home faster than others.
Crackdiver was the Maître D for the evening and did a shit job of controlling the unruly mob of patrons. The hares went first followed by a couple of Virgins who not only had to dance around the stone but also Hopeless Shag on ice. The girls were just starting and he was on his way out.  Lucky they weren’t dancing for their supper! Hopeless Shag’s departure to Darwin is no real loss although if he lived up to his name then he made a lot of the guys who are staying appear better than they probably are. There were a few returnees crawl out of the woodwork for the evening, probably entice by the Cafe of Love location. Suckers. They were given down downs for their pitiful excuses. There were a few charges for hats in the circle and new shoes as well as media appearances and weekend misdemeanours.
The menu at Café D’Amore is pretty good but unfortunately they weren’t catering so we just had to eat the shit the girls served up. There seemed to be enough to feed the crowd and no-one died so I guess all was good. And there was that thing Dirty did with the flowers???
Next week another icon location. See you there. OnOn

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