Monday, January 27, 2014

Run # 369 Jan 27th

Happy 'Straya Day Hashers!!

hope you've celebrated in best Aussie style today (without being too much of a dickhead!), and spare a thought for all those out there who don't have so much to celebrate, for whatever reason.

Anyway enough philosophising,

Run #370 details are...
Hares: Octopussy & Flogga - NB three cheers - this is only Flogga's ~5th run & she's bravely put her hand up already!

Where: 5/43 Wirl Buru Gardens
When: 5:45pm for Faucet's arrival whenever he feels like it.

What: run/walk, bring torches, there will be nosh.

On on,
Inseminator :)

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