Monday, January 6, 2014

Run # 366 Jan 6th

Happy New Year Hashers!!!

details for the first run of 2014 - Monday 6th Jan...

Hares: Barge & Inseminator (the latter being a rare event so all you returnees come along to make it worth my while!!)

Where: 7 Mackie Place, Cable Beach (looks for our new totem - the wheelchair???
When: if you don't know by now you don't deserve our exquisite company (ok 5:45 for 6pm for those newbies)

What: a nice normal no-themed run to satisfy all of your new year's resolutions!!!
Nosh: PLENTY of it and heaps even for vegos too

On on

(and for Doggy, TightArse & all those other cricket diehards who've been entertaining me on FB all day - Oi Oi Oi!!!)

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