Monday, December 29, 2014

Run # 417 December 29th

Hope everyone had a happy, safe and relaxing Christmas, & thanks to those who were working to keep this town running whilst the rest of us feasted!!
So what better way to work off the post-Christmas food coma and say "see-ya-later-2014" than with Hash Run #417...
Hares:  NN Ben, NN Steve & NN Coral
Where: 4 Goshawk Loop, Roey Estate
When: I'm sure you can work it out... don't think Faucet's here so will probably start on time-ish...
What Else: bring dogs, kids, partners, virgins - the more the merrier!!

Trash # 416


Monday, December 22, 2014

Run # 416 Dec 22nd

Ho Ho Ho Hashers!!! 
You may guess from the message below that Slocum is the Hare for the Christmas Hash - you know what that means...
Hash Monday @ 50 demco drive . Dogs and virgins welcome, especially virgins. Food that all ethiopians would love and beer. Razor tits is setting run of the year and slocum will be celebrating his 100th run in broome and technicolour yawn will be doing his 50th. As a novellty for this time of year we will be doing a christmassy theme so be there. On on ..... slocum there will be xmas fare and maybe eggnog and my sons
famous zuchini slice for lovers of animals

And Dirty Sanchez & Two Scoops plus the pending little Dirty Scoops will be returning so best they get appropriately downdowned...
On on and have a fantasticly Hashy Christmas :)

Trash # 415


Run # 415 Dec 15th

Hares Chapped Lips and Late Cummer
Usual stuff.... torches, food for all types, dogs probably not unless you want to have them eaten by our 2, usual time, not sure if faucet is here to determine 6pm. 5 Delaware rd

On On Barge
and Faucet definitely not here!!

Trash # 414


Monday, December 8, 2014

Run # 414 December 8th

hares: le dirty bitch and le nutcracker
where: 15b hay rd, cable
time: 5:45 for a faucet start...
nosh: stuff for herbivores and omnivores alike
torches: bring them. theyre good.
dogs: theyre good too. bring them as well.
i'm skipping town this week so it would be nice to see some of you fantastic, dirty mob before I go.
on bloody on!

Trash # 413


Monday, December 1, 2014

Run # 413

Come one, come all back to the old student crib for some kind of going away thing. With a cumulative total of more than a decade of uni budgeting the illustrious Ringsting and Bunghole welcome you to what could be the least organised run of the year.

Leaving from 33 weld St upon faucets arrival.

There will be some kind of budget food option for carnivores and other creatures.

Furry and non fluffy friends welcome.

Personal lighting optional and possibly recommended.

Trash # 412


Run # 412 Nov 24th


Trash # 411


Monday, November 17, 2014

Run # 411 November 17th

Hares : Barge Arse and Incontinence

17th NOV 2014 18:00 (FST) Facuet standard time

142 Sanderling drive 17:45 final load and brief.

Food : YUP. Bargy is doing food

Torches .. optional , but if you face plant in the dark ... funny stacks will warrent a down-down
Dogs : fine, just don't be surprised when my neighbors dogs get jealous

THEME : Game of Throwns...... err what ?? Noooo !!!! "Game of Beers"

so dressup if yar feel like like it . (cardbord/foam swords only please)
There will be Jousting .. beer war .... juggling .. dancing
Dwarf Tossing ( unless the the cops can finally catch that pervert)

shortish run ... save your energy for the" Game of Beers" who is the most Kingly(or Queenly) drunk. To rule us all.....

Inconti ...  

Trash # 410


Monday, November 10, 2014

Run # 410 November 10th

Hares: Faucet and Octopussy

Location: Blick Drive (behind old Ambo Centre) off Orr St.

Theme: Homeless Run but not dress up (not that anyone pays attention to what I say)
Torch: Yes, homeless people don’t have lights and live in dodgy places (see above)

Food: be thankful if you get anything.

Run $5 Food $5. Money raised from this run will be donated to Eric who lost his house in a fire a couple of weeks ago and had no insurance. If you have any other household goodies you may like to donate then bring them along and Ill drop them off.

WARNING Runners: There is a soft option and a “doing it tough option”. Walkers are fine. Just as a novelty I may even chuck in a hash halt if I’m up to it.

Trash # 409


Monday, November 3, 2014

Run # 409 November 3rd

Foxy Fillies & Fine Fellas - The Spring Racing Carnival is upon us! It's time to frock up in your finest fashions for an exciting run in Fleming-Broome.
Where: Gate 42. Anne Street
When: Monday 5.45pm - Race time: 6pm
Bring: TORCHES, it is imperative you can see the track....

Who runs better... A two legged horse or a hash harrier?! Better yet, who dresses better.

Trash # 408


Monday, October 27, 2014

Run # 408 October 27th

It's time for the scariest, spookiest run of the year! Dress up in ur freakiest outfit (hmmm maybe some of u might only need to wear the uniform...)
Hares: Complete Flop, Bunghole, SpawnStar, RingSting
Where: the Birdcage, 34 Lorikeet Drive (corner of Kestral, white picket fence)
Time: get here early for a face painting extravaganza! Otherwise the usual 546 ish
Bring: torches, trick or treat
Doggies: only if they're a werewolf
Nosh: with RingSting in the kitchen, you should be scared!
OnOn Black cats

Trash # 407


Monday, October 20, 2014

Run # 407 October 20th

Hare: DIY & NN Belinda (& Half Tit via phone conference)
Where: Demco beach carpark (access near bend in Clementson St.)
Time: 5:45 for 6pm-ish kick off
Bring: Torches
Dogs: are welcome
nosh: for both vego and meat eaters

Trash # 406


Monday, October 13, 2014

Run # 406 October 13th

Next hash run: 13 October
Hare octopussy 
Address 7a Stainton place cable beach
Torches etc, food for both kinds
Please bring some extra cash and your sugar cravings as I will be selling cupcakes for the McGrath foundation, $2 each 

Please put your drink bottles in refuse bin/box provided and don't leave them lying around for somebody else to clear up your mess. Quickie very kindly cleared up your mess after Faucet's run, where there were drink bottles everywhere. I have to say I'm really disappointed in that type of behaviour, have a bit of respect and courtesy at other peoples homes.  Sermon over and out Barge.