Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trash # 363

Padam and Pink Bits. Sounds more like an innocent title for a kid’s picture book. Unless you know them then it’s totally opposite. The run started off in Roey with a hint of promise and then deteriorated quickly into another shit run. Not enough checks too much tape and a backwards facing fishhook. There seemed to be more walkers than runners for some reason. It was a short run which is welcome by some in this hot humid weather and then a Hash Holt outside a hanger at the airport and a short on home. That bit was entertaining when one of the girls tried to jump the gate but got stuck on top of it as it swung open (as it was actually unlocked). Back at the Circle, Dirty Bitch volunteered to run the show and proved she could do as shit job as any of the guys. It was young Slurge’s 50th run which is quite a feat but then I suppose he’s from good stock. Cough Cough! The hares took their traditional down down for setting a shit run and then Dirty Bitch dragged out the two virgins which see seemed pretty excited about. One had come with a friend but the other had come alone. Such bravery, or naivety.  There were charges for weekend antics which won’t be repeated in print. You need to be there to hear what goes on. We had one visitor from over east, Frequent Flyer who was at Hash with his mummy and daddy and then before we knew it the Pizzas arrived. Wow Pizza! We hadn’t had that since last week. Maybe were evolving into a Walking Club with a Pizza problem? Never. On On til next week and Xmas.

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