Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trash # 362

Well if you go on holidays and we know you’re coming back then there’s a good chance someone will dob you in for a run while you’re away. Thanks Quickie. And Crackdiver.  As expected it was a shit run but it was actually a run but no need to elaborate on that ey Quickie. I must say it was a bit of an unusual run as Padam and associates were late as they had to stop and save someone’s life and wait for the ambulance before they could ride on to hash and then when running past the accident scene on the run we had to help lift the patient onto the stretcher and then Faucet was seconded to drive the ambulance to the hospital. We’re just that sort of community group I guess. Apparently there was a halt and a sweaty run back to Doggy and Quickie Park. Tightarse was contracted to do RA duties and did so in a somewhat speedy fashion as the pizza turned up and I assume he was hungry. The hares as per tradition went first and made a competitive effort to down their charge while impeded by the pipe. Tightarse who embraces the use of a butler decided to give the task to both Incontinence and Nutcracker which at first seemed a little improbable but they ended up squeezing into the jacket and being on of the best Butlers we’ve ever had. Obviously everyone has a purpose in life. Backpage got an ice chair for something and then ended up with a slightly excited bearded no name hasher on her knee. He politely held her new shoe for her as she drank her beer from it. There were several charges as well as a few media down downs. Faucet was briefly given an ice chair for his repeated media appearances having briefly overtaken Cracka for media exposure. There was also a naming following Saturday nights hospital party with Poke Her Hootas, actually its Poke Her Hontas but I’ll leave that autocorrect mistake in as it makes the blog seem slightly humorous. Go Poka! And just in case the GM and Poke Her Hontas don’t get enough height comments we made them pose for a photo but no free drink. That was about it really and then we ate Pizza and crapped on and drank more beer and went back home to our normal lives.

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