Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trash # 361

We should really know better but if yet let Slowcum set a run then there’ll be something strange about it. It appeared a normalish sort of shit run except for a short squirt down and back a short street which lead back to a hash halt. It was here Slowcum proudly showed everyone the route on his phone (please note the spelling of route as it is Slowcum’s phone we’re discussing). He’d set the run in the shape of a penis and

balls. Mr Google Maps would have been proud and the Roebuckians disgusted. We assumed it was based on Slowcum’s tackle as it was quite a short run. Back at Circle Central, Faucet was forced to wear the pink gown and pretty hat and try to keep the rather large crowd in control. It was a bit of a special night. Firstly we had to celebrate Cockinafrocks 150th run. One of the few men to get that far. It was also Fanta Pants’s 50th Run. Slow and steady but she finally got there. We were also doing a fund raising run for Perky who was going to shave her head for Breast Cancer Week. Part of the fund raising was Cock allowing people to buy waxing strips to mutilate his body. Ill talk about it later as I’m feeling a little ill thinking about it. We dragged out Slowcum, Slurge and Gurge to show our appreciation of the run. I suppose it could be called a cock of a run. No,no, shit run is fine. Isn’t it pathetic that spell check doesn’t offer an auto correct or option for the word shit. Sorry. We gave Cock and Fantapants the best seats in the house in recognition of their achievments. For some reason the ice stuck to Fantas arse. Slightly weird. We had one vigin who seemed quite lively, a few returnees who had lame excuses, some media charges and generally a random assortment of shit charges. We had a shoe drinker I recall but no photo but we do have one of Slowcum doing a Double Thong. A first for Broome Hash and I’m guessing a first for Hash anywhere really. The big draw card for the night was the dehairing of Cock. Its not the first time he’s done this so I’m a little curious how much he really cares about breasts and how much he derives a certain pleasure of having mainly w

omen ripping waxed strips off his naked body. Whatever does it for you I guess? The one stuck across his nipple seemed a bit dubious but I noticed the strip only had hair on it after the rip. Despite a poorly done wax, red welts and a chainsaw that appeared from somewhere he managed to raise almost three hundred bucks which we added to the run money so we sent off a total of $500 to Perky which was great. Well done
Cock. We should set a run in your honour. Oh, we did. Good. Speaking of good or slightly even gooder, Gurge had put on a huge spread which was scoffed down heartily amid waxing stories. Another shit night.

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