Monday, December 2, 2013

Run # 361 December 2nd

Righto Hashers it's time to dig deep in your ever-generous pockets!!!

Tomorrow's run is in honour of our beautiful Perky (who now lives in Cairns, but will always be a Bluewater Hasher!) who is shaving her locks off to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The cause is close to our hearts as I'm sure many of you know someone who has been through the fight against breast cancer and particularly a wonderful Broomie (Theresa Bengston) is currently fighting the fight as she goes through radiotherapy in Perth.

the lucious Cock-in-a-Frock has offered his hirsute self up for our pain inducing pleasure, so you can pay to rip hair from his buff body, or for the faint-hearted just put as much as you can into the pot for Perky. She's not far away from raising $5000 so we'd like to have a crack at tipping her over the edge!! (oh hang on, she's a new mum, it's probably already happened!)

So run details...

Hare: Slocum (so help us!!)

Where: 155 Sanderling Drive, Roebuck Est.
What: fundraising Hash Run - $5 run fee will be donated, plus waxing money & whatever else you can afford to chuck in!!

Slocum is being cagey & not offering too many more details, so just do whatever works for you ;)

on on
Inseminator :)

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Theresa Bengtson said...

Thank you all for the wonderful effort! I only just saw this now and am really touched by the generosity by everyone and Perky! xo Theresa