Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trash #359

OMG a blog. Well it rained and I had to go home. And some slight guilt. Very slight.
SO what do I do again? That’s right. I just pick shit out of the run and chuck in a few dodgy photos. Cock in a Frock and Nutcracker did the run and food in that order. Can’t imagine how it would have been the other way round. An attempt at flour humour was made prior to the run but seemed more time counting the mounds of flour would have been more appropriate as we all got lost at the first flour pile. It should have really been one scatter on, two chucks on back and a chuck and two scatters for a check. Anyway despite my pickiness, Cock managed to keep the pack entertained and together and not too muddy. Everyone worked up a good sweat, well actually most people had one before they started. There was only about 20 people due to the fact we have so many world travellers at the moment and a growing number of soft, weak “oh its too humid outside” wussy types. Am I being a bit harsh? Actually hash is like harsh without the r. Totally irrelevant and not even funny but just an observation. So we ran around old Broome and ended up back at Doggie and Quickie Park. Crack had a crack at RA and was pretty shit which fitted in well. He even got to do a virgin and a naming on his first night. There were a few charges with Late Cummer and Chapped Lips who had spent a fortune on a 4 day world holiday needing their head read or at least scanned. If they wanted a hospital holiday they could have done that here for free! Backdoor, backdoored Padam and broke in his new car. Not sure of the details but no one wanted to ask. Faucet got one for not writing the blog. Really. Padam and Backdoor had a birthday. No name whoever got named Prancing Pink Bits and seems to like it. That’s a bit scary.
Nutcracker who made the suggestion hash should say nice things about the run and the food cooked a shit lasagne and shit salad but in abundance. The full moon was rising and a cool breeze kicked in and it was somewhat pleasant.

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