Monday, September 16, 2013

Run # 351 September 16th

Howdy Hashers,

it's that Shinju Matsuri time of year, which means we drag out returnees and virgins to make it a huge run to celebrate the festival of the Pearl. Derby Hash will be there in fully fine form, and there will be plenty of beverages... (that sounds like a cause & effect, but perhaps of the chicken & egg sort?!!)

What: Broome Hash #351 Shinju Run
Hares: Barge, Faucet & Camel Toe
When: Monday 16th Sept
Where: Bedford Park (between Anne/Weld/Hammersley Sts)
Costs: $5 for run, $5 for dinner, beers $3, soft drinks $1

What else: nothing, just be there. bring torches if you like, or don't - whatever. Bring unsuspecting virgins too.

NB Those particularly bright ones out there might have noticed that we've jumped from run #349 to #351. Ok it's happened before & been a typo, but this time it's because we're messing with time & holding off on our 350th run until the Long Weekend. Keep Sunday 29th Sept free for an afternoon (& evening!) of celebrating just because we can.

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