Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hash Trash #343

Sometimes artistic is mixed with autistic such as the case of the Streeters photo. All literature has to open with a sentence of sorts and in this case this is it. It may have been a while ago but I remember this run like it just happened the other two months ago. Scrotum Tennis, Octopussy and Superturd. Courthouse Carpark. Remember now? No of course you don’t because hardly anyone turned up you bunch of last f-ing slackarsers. It was actually a good run an despite being cold there was a nice fire in the carpark to stand around and Scrotum Tennis hadn’t stood around scratching her balls, she cooked up a huge feast of really yummy food which we all gorged on and then had leftovers to take home. It was Cockups last run or so he said. The love of the Kimberley or the love of a woman will see him back here one day. I remember there was a big circle drawn on the ground but not enough to fill it. The pic shows the talents of Turd and Scrotes as they drink with skill from the pipe. I’m sure Octo has other talents. Slowcum was RA and the guy from Darwin who random appears did so again. Padam drank from his shoe.

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