Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hash Trash # 342 Xmas in July

So after several weeks of writer’s block I still have writers block so I’ll just write shit which is what I usually do anyway I guess. The Bargy and multiple elves Xmas in July run was shit. Only 45 people turned up instead of the usual thirtyish. I’m guessing the spitted pig felt shit but it tasted opposite. Does the spit actually go through the pigs arse? Rhetorical question. I don’t really want to know. Anyway, the run was important enough for Jesus to turn up. He brought along young Joesph in place of the older one who was off visiting his ranga rellies in Borneo. There were people in tinsel and other dodgy Xmas attire including a few girls dressed up as ho ho ho’s. Hippy shagger was wearing that elfie thing again which he seems to wear to most dress up occasions. Not that I’m one to give credit but the hash halt was particularly shit. Located in a dried up swamp behind the vets with fairy lights, mulled wine and songs from December. Then we ran Ho ho ho home or so the sign read.
Cockup ran the circle which started unorganised as no-one filled the down downs because Backpage was off somewhere on a pickup mission and WSB was off in some jungle dying of man flu. Not that I should make light of such a serious condition. We all hope he gets better. There were a couple of returnees, a few virgins, half arsed sat on an ice chair and other shit that I’ve already forgotten. Super Turd took to the pig with a knife and the others responsible had cooked up a huge mass of roast vegies so we all ate well and the faster ones got desert. There was some post food entertainment with Semi doing the monty python no women here beard thing and faucet and spec doing circus balancing tricks and conti showing us why he needs a back operation. There was also some other foursome balancing thing. I just realised Jesus didn’t get a birthday song. wonder if he was pised about that.  He was hanging around the fire group for a while but was set on fire, or at least it looks like it in the photo. There was also a small spa party with no Bubbles. Not sure where he was. That enough writing for today. And it’s okay for you Christians, Jesus didn’t get burned but he did get picked up by the cops on the way home.

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