Monday, July 29, 2013

Run # 343 July 29th

Hares: Scrotum Tennis, Octopussy & SuperTurd

Where: Courthouse Carpark (park on Stewart St, meet in courthouse quadrangle)

Time: Usual (ie when/if Faucet gets there)

Torches: no one brings 'em so why do we bother with this bit??

Nosh: Scrotes is responsible so look out!!

Run: to be set by a cripple so don't expect too much.
[Ed's update - Aforementioned cripple found a scooter - perhaps expect a marathon?!...]

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Inseminator :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Run # 342 July 22nd

Ho ho ho Hashers!!!

This next run is brought to you by a multitude of Hares, with the all Aussie theme of Christmas in July!!!

Get out your best Chrissy costumes, bring your hungriest selves (& $15 to pay for it!) and get ready for some serious festivities!!

Hares: Barge & several Elves
Where: 7 Mackie Place, Cable Beach
When: 5:45 for 6pm Monday 22nd July

What: a run, some booze & Spit Roast & trimmings

Festive Greetings,
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Inseminator :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Run # 341 July 15th

Hares: Dirty Bitch & Half Tit

deats as follows:
meet: sunset park -end of kybra crt.
time: 1745 for 1800
bring: torches are good. also essential.
nosh: vego and non vego happening as per usual.
on ON!
- DB

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Run #340 July 8th

Hare: Faucet
Where: Bunnings (Blackman St)
Wear: Hash Attire
Fare: Possibly Sausage Sizzle but possibly not (but vego option)
Care: Torches
There: 545 for 6