Sunday, June 30, 2013

Run # 339 July 1st

Hares: Slocum, Gurge, Slurge.
Where: 155 Sanderling Drive, Roebuck Estate
Nosh: American Independence Day theme...
Bring torches. (Veggos catered for).

The usual 5:45 for 6pm run. It is sure not to be a marathon like the last one from Yawn and Slocum as Slurge and Slocum are out now on foot setting it.
On on,
NB For all those of you who have not replied to my (long) earlier requests to update email/phone details - you will be scrubbed from the list & free from the weekly dribble that is Hash Business!!! For those of you who've just been too lazy (?busy) to reply, it's not too late - send me your hash name, real name, current email address & phone number. On on :)

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