Friday, May 17, 2013

Trash # 331

Octopussy and Pusher decided it would be fun to dress us all up in Pink, take our money and give it to the breast people. Sounds fair, we all care about breasts. I was just thinking about breasts and glad that I don’t have big ones, especially when the run is about 8k’s. Although if I did have big breasts I would probably check them regularly. It’s the right thing to do. I also just had another thought about breasts and how hash has lots of girls with breast (or its colloquial equivalent) in their name. I think we put a ban on that now though. You can only have so many breasts. It’s interesting that so many animals have multiple amounts of them. Well it’s not really that interesting but I just thought I’d mention it anyway. There are lots of jokes about breasts but now seems an appropriate time to move on to the run. Shit. And now the circle. No back to the run and the Skate Park Halt. What the hell were Backpage and Tightarse looking at? If it was the photo of WSB then I can understand it. Slangs Bitch seem to be checking out his own breast in one photos and then have a look at the view the newly christened Pink Schmeer had of our gopro headed GM. Hippy Shagger showed us how handy Half Tit is in the kitchen. Good luck there! What else? The food was good but not that I would say that and there were pretty pink cupcakes of the edible kind. A few of us were naughty and ate them before the main course. We are pretty wicked at hash sometimes. Think I’m losing it. No no no, wait, there was one more thing. We almost forgot on the night as well but Octopussy finally made it to 100 runs. In a Broome Hash first, the circle was reformed and Octo was welcomed to the hall of fame and will now be immortalised forever by getting a plaque stuck on the lid of the esky. And she,they,we raised $250 for the BCRF.

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