Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trash # 327,328,329,330

So for some obscure reason I’ve slipped five weeks behind in the blogs. I’m obviously easily distracted but then I do have a photographic memory or at least a camera and computer full of photos so now’s catch up time. It’s actually a nice time to do a run comparison so why not compare runs 327, 328, 329 and 330. I’m not technically behind on 331 yet so I might do that separate as it was the pink run and there’s a great shot of WSB checking his own tits. So first we should thank all the hares, Hippy Shagger, Tightarse, Quickie, Crackdiver, Jiggly Tits, Cameltoe and Cock in a Frock.

 So for distance, originality and hash halts we’d have to give it to 327. Remember the halt on the back end of Crab Creek and the trail with the little pieces of “mother hash” paper and then the mighty plumbers Faucet and Superturd (with broken rib) toughed it out and ran on alone to find the on home plastered to the side of a Corona carton several kilometres after everyone else had turned back. Distance unknown, the Turd phone couldn’t keep up. For short run and stupidity it has to go to 328. If I said bus you’d catch on? Yep, great idea, put hashers on bus and send them along way away and mak’em run home. No arrows, no work. Next time the hare should at least hang around the bus stop with beer until the bus eventually turns up. Fail. 4km short run including 2 impromptu laps of Matsos block. And it also scores low with the first hash halt less than a K from the start.

The prettiest or most formal run has to go to 329. There was a few bucks worth of flash wedding dresses on show that night. Broome Hashers seem to be able to pull things out of cupboard when the occasion arises and there’s the odd never again white dress available. Fucking expensive hash costumes but worn with empathy by others who understand or by those who are yet to find out. Change subject. And for the classic hash run set by one of the older, young hashers 330 stands out. I should mention here that I followed the whole, well marked trail and was first back and besides an opportunity to brag I also brought this up to mention the fact that WSB and Yama got back half an hour later than everyone else (even the walkers). Now those 2 have done a few runs between them and are renowned marathon runners. Not that I’m making accusations but remember how that night it was a bit chilly in Minyirr Park and the moon was full and the sand dunes high, the sand soft…. Better stop or I’ll be giving Hippy Shagger one of those chubby things he’s always facebooking about.

 The best Circle. That’s a hard one. Faucet ran one and Cock the other 3. Although one of them he was cockinaflashweddingdress. He was wearing shorts underneath as a couple of us took an upskirt shot while he was waffling. The best in circle entertainment would have to be 328 and the Doggie “jog on the spot machine”. Crack and Quickie earned back some respect as they jogged for what seemed hours without actually going anywhere. I think it’s still for sale if you need a piece of unique sporting equipment. There was also the Dirty lap dance for Stationary Crabs 69th Run and Cockup also clocked up 150 runs on that night. No lap dance for him though. The hardest to get rid of hasher award had to go to Slasher as he was like herpes and kept coming back. That’s herpes the condition not Herpes the cute bird who just appears occasionally. I think at the 330 when we sung Fuck off really slowly he got the message.

 There’s actually a lot of shit happens on each run as I look through the photos but I know you can read only so much text so I’ll finish with the food.

  My vote goes to 329 with the lamb kebabby things. Not sure if they were from live export, anti live export, roadkill or just left overs that Semi brought home from work but the meat was pretty yummy. If there is a heaven I wonder how they deal with all that killing animal shit. Maybe it’s all vegan up there. I think this is going to have to end as I have this craving for lamb chops. Off to Coles for me. Sorry one more thing. Why was there fairy bread on 327? The kids seemed to like it though. Lamb chops cooked quickly on a hot BBQ and maybe some Bok Choy and a nice nuked spud with a little bit of butter and a cob of corn. Okay. Done. And salt and pepper of course.


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