Sunday, April 7, 2013

Run # 327 April 8th

Hey-di-ho Hashers!!

Run for Monday 8th April....

Hares: Hippie Shagger & TightArse
Where: Sunset Resort Bar & Grill (ie TightArse's house!) Napier Tce, opposite Magabala Bookshop.
When: usual usual (ie 5:45 for 6) (yes Faucet, that's in the afternoon, not morning)

Bring: maybe old running shoes, maybe torches. whatever.

On on
Inseminator :)

PS thanks to everyone who's replied with updated emails/names/phone numbers etc. If you know someone who should be on the list & isn't then let me know too. There's a few peeps away on leave etc so I'll keep reminding for a few more weeks...

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