Saturday, April 6, 2013

Run #326 April 1st

Happy Easter Hashers!!

Hope the Easter Bunny finds you all & delivers plenty of chocolate, beer, sunshine, good fishing, wine or whatever your heart desires for this long weekend!!
A few little Hash Business matters first:
- Broome H3 Mismanagement wishes to hold a committee meeting of sorts just to discuss issues like trailer modifications, HashHaberdashery etc next weekend at Matso's. Anyone's welcome, however they wish to limit the dribble that goes on (not sure how!) so only turn up if you reckon you've got something interesting to contribute!
- Doggy Style has set up a Broome Hash team for the Mother's Day Classic Breast Cancer Run, so let him know if you're keen to join (not sure what that entails - contact Doggy)

And finally, to absolve all your potential sins for the weekend, join us for an Easter Monday run...

Hares: Bubbles & Fanta Pants

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