Sunday, April 7, 2013


Happy (almost!) Friday Hashers!!

I'm trying to tidy & update email addresses - I'm sure there's a few of you that roll your eyes every time I clog up your inboxes with more crap but haven't got around to telling me to F*** off!! So here's your chance! And you don't even have to do any work.

The thing is, if you WANT TO STAY ON THE EMAIL LIST, even if you don't live in Broome but think you might pop back for a random downdown any time (or if you're just nosey!) then please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL with the following information...

- Hash name
- Real name
- email address/es
- contact phone number (not essential if you're worried we'll harass you, just useful if we're trying to track down a Hare, or organise transport to other events, find lost items/trailer etc)

I'll keep using the current list for a few weeks to give everyone time to think about those four items & get them right...

And if you're interested in hearing/contributing to an afternoon of Hash MisManagement Dribble, then we're gathering at Matso's on Sunday 7th April at 4:30pm to discuss important issues like what modifications the trailer needs, ordering new shirts & merchandise, and other stuff. Be there or don't be, but if you have something to add & don't want to listen to dribble you can email it back & it'll make me look full of ideas!

And one last thing - if anyone besides Jiggly & Superturd has photos from Monday's run, can you please send them to Faucet - his blog-writer's block has lifted & he's on a roll!!

thanks & On on

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