Monday, April 8, 2013

Trash # 326

Bubbles is always happy to ride his motorbike and set a run but his food is pretty shit, not just hash shit but really shit so he teamed up with Fanta Pants who may be able to set a run but would get everyone lost explaining the rules but then she can cook nice food so in a protracted sentence I guess I’m saying the hares were Bubbles and Fanta Pants. The run set off out of Roey and onto the highway and then along the highway until the end of the highway then turned off the highway back into Roey Estate. Bubbles had some plan about how it would keep the pack together but after a few straight highway K’s with no checks then you ain’t going to keep the pack together and no fishhooks (they were all used up in last weeks run). It then headed through Roey to the other only long straight road with limited check ops. Not that I am one to point out faults. Maybe he doesn’t like turning corners on his bike cos he falls off? But in saying all that it was a good solid run for the budding marathoners like Slowcum, Barge, Semi and Faucet as well as past marathoners like Yama and Slangs Bitch and I guess a nice sprint for the ironmen Beep Beep and Dirty Sanchez and whatever other honed athletes in the group I’ve forgotten to mention. Cockup lead the circle when everybody finally made it back. Actually it may have been our last hot sweaty run as the season seems to be changing. We toasted the hares. Charged Hippy Shagger and Halftit for a golden shower (see pics) and reverse charged Dirty for a dodgy work charge. There was a young naming with Sanchez junior getting called Maintenance and no name Rosie missed out again. There were 3 virgins who entertained well but passed on the option to blow bubbles while downing a down down. Bubbles took it okay and said he is open for the option another time. Sanchez sung a few bars of a new song he thought up which showed some merit and a bit of an insight as to what he does at work.
The food as expected was shit. What would you expect when Fanta Pants only spent all day cooking it with fresh herbs and spices. I don’t think anyone left hungry and lots opted for the vego option or had it for seconds. Wonder how the run would have turned out if the hares reversed roles Hmmm.
Opps. No pics this week

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Run # 327 April 8th

Hey-di-ho Hashers!!

Run for Monday 8th April....

Hares: Hippie Shagger & TightArse
Where: Sunset Resort Bar & Grill (ie TightArse's house!) Napier Tce, opposite Magabala Bookshop.
When: usual usual (ie 5:45 for 6) (yes Faucet, that's in the afternoon, not morning)

Bring: maybe old running shoes, maybe torches. whatever.

On on
Inseminator :)

PS thanks to everyone who's replied with updated emails/names/phone numbers etc. If you know someone who should be on the list & isn't then let me know too. There's a few peeps away on leave etc so I'll keep reminding for a few more weeks...


Happy (almost!) Friday Hashers!!

I'm trying to tidy & update email addresses - I'm sure there's a few of you that roll your eyes every time I clog up your inboxes with more crap but haven't got around to telling me to F*** off!! So here's your chance! And you don't even have to do any work.

The thing is, if you WANT TO STAY ON THE EMAIL LIST, even if you don't live in Broome but think you might pop back for a random downdown any time (or if you're just nosey!) then please REPLY TO THIS EMAIL with the following information...

- Hash name
- Real name
- email address/es
- contact phone number (not essential if you're worried we'll harass you, just useful if we're trying to track down a Hare, or organise transport to other events, find lost items/trailer etc)

I'll keep using the current list for a few weeks to give everyone time to think about those four items & get them right...

And if you're interested in hearing/contributing to an afternoon of Hash MisManagement Dribble, then we're gathering at Matso's on Sunday 7th April at 4:30pm to discuss important issues like what modifications the trailer needs, ordering new shirts & merchandise, and other stuff. Be there or don't be, but if you have something to add & don't want to listen to dribble you can email it back & it'll make me look full of ideas!

And one last thing - if anyone besides Jiggly & Superturd has photos from Monday's run, can you please send them to Faucet - his blog-writer's block has lifted & he's on a roll!!

thanks & On on

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Run #326 April 1st

Happy Easter Hashers!!

Hope the Easter Bunny finds you all & delivers plenty of chocolate, beer, sunshine, good fishing, wine or whatever your heart desires for this long weekend!!
A few little Hash Business matters first:
- Broome H3 Mismanagement wishes to hold a committee meeting of sorts just to discuss issues like trailer modifications, HashHaberdashery etc next weekend at Matso's. Anyone's welcome, however they wish to limit the dribble that goes on (not sure how!) so only turn up if you reckon you've got something interesting to contribute!
- Doggy Style has set up a Broome Hash team for the Mother's Day Classic Breast Cancer Run, so let him know if you're keen to join (not sure what that entails - contact Doggy)

And finally, to absolve all your potential sins for the weekend, join us for an Easter Monday run...

Hares: Bubbles & Fanta Pants

Trash # 325

Well that was fucking funny wasn’t it? Tell everyone to come to Faucets 200th run in a dress and then forget to send Faucet the email telling everyone not to come in a dress. Despite the dubiuoness of it all, Faucine turned up in drag only because he could not believe everyone in Hash could actually keep a secret for the whole week and felt he should be punished for thinking so. Normally keeping something secret in Hash for a few days is doing well. Lucky it was a nice dress and perfect for running on a balmy 30 degree night in 90 percent humidity. The hares Uranus and Grunter must have been giggling all week. They decided to use F arrows which could stand for Faucet or Faucine but also for fucking funny. There were 3 Hash Halts and all appeared an orchestrated surprise. Faucine lead the pack to the first one at town beach only to be stopped dead metres away by one of the four hundred fucking fishhooks on the run. Don’t know how they organised that one. The second one was at Faucets house. Bombies in the pool while he’s out at hash? May as well get him to shotgun a can while he’s there. That didn’t quite go to plan as he struggled to get the can open while sucking on the hole. Then the last halt around the corner at the Kimberley Klub. Again Faucine was the only one in a pretty dress surrounded by a sea of sweaty bodies in orange. Not sure what the backpackers made of that one.
The circle started off sort of around Faucets scooter which mysterious disappeared at some part of proceedings. Cock in a Frock wore the pink jacket and Faucine got a nice ice chair to sit on. As things got underway he requested one of those young cute pole dancers to sit on his lap that Crackdiver normally gets with the word tit in their name but alas he got a girl who was later named Scrotum Tennis. There were the usual charges but the one for No Name Rosie for wearing her top back the front seemed most appropriate. I don’t recall any virgins but there were three namings with Scotum Tennis as mentioned earlier, along with Razor Tits and Dirty Bitch. Can’t really remember how these names eventuated but they seemed appropriate at the time.
The food was another of those things that also started with F. Well the word did anyway. Some sort of felic (spelt foneticly) looking sandwich things which seemed full of healthy stuff. They worked. For some reason Faucine felt it appropriate to count the takings on the footpath next to the trailer and laughed off the suggestions of ill gotten gains.  As the crowd dwindled, Faucine searched nearby bushland for his scooter with success but was not so lucky with his helmet which was hidden in someones ute who’d left earlier. He was left to ride home via Doggy and Quickies new place in search of his helmet and then headed of alone, man and machine, blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Until it blew off and he had to ride back and collect it. Another shit night, just like the other 199 of em.