Monday, March 25, 2013

Trash 324

Long run. Short Blog. Seems like Technicolour Yawn, Slowcum and Slurge all set a run each in some part of town and then they just connected them all together. There was a Hash Halt somewhere near Coconut Well but a few of us opted to give it a miss and short cutted home but still did over 7 K’s. Even the walkers got a workout as it was such a cool evening, low thirties, high humidity and no breeze at all. Gotta love Broome in the wet. The RA pool was low so Faucet did the job. The hares were congratulated on their great run and downed a beer which was actually orange coloured. Not sure what Back Page was putting in them. Speaking of colour, everyone was dressed in Green or was sprayed green to celebrate St.Paddys Day. It doesn’t really show in the photos because after the run everyone was just sweat coloured.  There was some media down downs and a few charges for crap I can never remember and a notable returnee, Perky and a sole virgin who managed to do well for the crowd. And of course St Patrick was there but fell asleep on the run as it was too slow and short for him. Gurge and Booberator had the food under control with Guinness Beef pies and boiled potatoes. We’ll have to check she’s not here tonight but this was another of Booberators last runs in Broome so it looks like its back to shit food to match the shit runs again. On On

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