Monday, March 18, 2013

Trash # 323

Funny how you mention Boobs and 43 people rock up. I would assume it was for the awesome run but as no-one except me and Boobs knew that then I’ll guess it was for her food. So big turnout which was nice as pre run Monette Saraza turned up with her son Matt to thank us all for the money we donated from our Red Dress Run a few weeks ago. It was a very touching thankyou and made us all feel proud that we run around in silly dresses and drink beer for such a worthy purpose. It was also very humbling but as this blog isn’t about nice stuff I’ll have to move on. What an awesome shit run. People literally got covered in shit and then jumped in my pool and it looked like shit next morning. Happy to say it pristine again now. The run did a loop up to the boulevard and then back to the pearl luggers and along the beach following the eco friendly red frog bamboo skewer markers until it made a left turn into the mangroves via a series of little signs. It almost went astray but fortunately on this occasion Dirty Sanchez didn’t pull out and continued on in the mud to the disbelief of the sceptics who thought Faucet would not set a hash Halt out on the Mud Flats. Wankers! It wasn’t, it was out on Buccaneer Rock. About 20 people made the slog out to the island in Roebuck Bay including at least one or two Virgins and a couple of newbies. Nothing like a cask of port and a few choruses of “my garden shed” in the dwindling light at low tide on an island in the Kimberley wet season. On the way back Superturd, the bastard not only started a bit of mudslinging on the flats but then washed his feet in the clean water Faucet had organised Bubbles to deliver to the “on home” and then kicked the buckets over and ran home.
Big circle around the pool with Cockup running the show. Grownups are so much harder than kids to keep under control. There were charges for all sorts of crap, an improvised ice chair for Guzzleguts who’d just had a baby (even though it looked like he was still carrying it) and another for Uranus. I don’t know why or care about why Uranus was on ice but I would care about myanus being on ice for the amount of time those guys sat there. I think you need to click on the photo with Quickie holding her arm up and have a look at the expression on Uranus’s face. Hmmm). We had a couple of visitors and a couple of old hashers joining us as well as several returnees. Cockup moved things along as he does (and what’s he doing in that photo?). We had three virgins who he introduced into the Broome Hash family and told them how Broome Hashers love each other and then reiterated by stating it again with the word “really” added and I’m sure I saw some smirks and flushing in the crowd. The faces changed again as Slowcum pulled a joke out of somewhere! Despite a few trips into the pool Booberator fed the masses with yummy food and everyone left full and happy. I think that’s how it all went. On On.

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