Monday, March 11, 2013

Trash # 322

Hippy Shagger and, well, I guess I could call her hippy because it works and I can’t remember her name but anyway they set a shit run. Yama set off at a blistering pace and was picking all the checks until she lost it somewhere up on Guy street and then we all ended up at the Yamashitta Suckerfish Stolen Bike Memorial Shelter down on Demco Beach. It was almost another of those “where the fuck is the beer” hash holts that seem to be pretty popular lately but they arrived just in time. Slangs Bitch and Faucet thought the on home would be short and so enjoyed the last of their halt beers before setting off, only to find the run kept going for much longer. Still everyone made it back safely to town beach. We make use of Cockup when he’s in town and so he RA’d the circle. The hares took their’s well with a nice action shot of the pipe doing its job (click on photo to enlarge). Faucet, Camel Toe and Herpes all got charged as returnees; half the circle had to do a down down for being in the paper last week (hash red dress run article) and then for some reason Camel Toe ended up in a tub of ice water (better click on this one too). This photo was not digitally enhanced in any way. Later Faucet ended up in the tub as well as he told stories of hash from other lands. There were a few other random charges and just before the circle closed Crackdiver turned up dressed pretty and Bubbles sneaked in and hid behind the ute until the circle closed. There was so much food but it some how managed to disappear. Maybe it was nice. Nah, it was shit like the run. On On.

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