Monday, March 25, 2013

Run #325 March 25

the time has come to celebrate Faucet's 200th Run and we'll be styling it up dressed as Faucet's favourite alter ego FAUCINE!!!
So wear your best Faucine impersonator gear (for those of you who haven't seen him/her in all it's glory, think party frock, luscious wig, pearls etc!) and let's show Faucet how proud we all are of him for making it to 200 runs!!!
The Faucet Extravaganza will depart from Pelcan Gardens (park cnr Mary and Herbert Sts Broome - just behind the hospital).
Hares: Grunter , Guzzleguts and Uranus will attempt to make up for the 15km disaster that was last weeks run.
time - yes 5:45 for 6pm
food - yes
torches - yes
something to swim in
On on (x200!!)
Inseminator :)
Just a question here. Does "bring something to swim in" mean bring your own pool  and also do we wear a bikini or boardies?

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